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After 30 Years Away, Geneva Native Returns Home

The Historic, "The Deluxe Grill", was purchased by Steve Vedora.

Steve grew up in Geneva, the son of Kathy Turturro and Dominick Vedora. Both of his parents were raised in Geneva. His mother grew up on Spring Street, while his dad grew up on the “Italian side of town” on East North Street, not far from The Deluxe Grill! Steve has 3 brothers, Tom, and a set of twin brothers, Jim and Joe. Tom is a chef in Rochester and makes several of the desserts. Jim is a vice president at a local bank in Geneva, and Joe is a doctor and an expert in the field of Aspergers and Autism in Boston, Massachusetts.

During his high school years, Steve worked in several restaurants in Geneva including some local favorites, Nicky’s Pizza and The Crow’s Nest. After college, Steve moved to Rochester and continued in the Restaurant industry until 2000, when he accepted a sales position. He worked in sales until 2015, when the food service bug beckoned.

Steve ended his job in sales and put himself through culinary school at Johnson and Wales University in Denver. After Culinary School, Steve worked for several years in various Denver kitchens. In 2017, he opened a catering company of his own, Comfort Caterings, LLC. While starting out with his catering business, he drove Uber to help make ends meet, and often joked that he was a full time Uber driver who catered on the side. He successfully operated his business until 2022.

"The Deluxe Grill" Remains One of Geneva's Top Restaurant's With New Owner Steve Vedora
Steve’s heart always remained in the Finger Lakes! While his family had continued to grow with several nieces & nephews, he decided it was time to move “Home” after being away for nearly thirty years.

Now, as the current owner of The Deluxe Grill, Steve is passionate about preserving its history, while creating an environment where “Everyone knows your name.” Please, come join us and see for yourself why The Deluxe Grill has been a main stay and one of the top restaurants in the Finger Lakes since 1933!